Each Himachali should watch Saanjh Film

Saanjh, popularly known as the first Himachali Film, should reach all Himachali people worldwide. We as a team member of Saanjh film feel that, this film must be seen by each and every Himachali community member. For that we are taking various initiatives. After nationwide release of this first Himachali Film in cinema halls, we have now released Saanjh Film Online. Yes of course you won’t be able to watch it free of cost but renting or buying the first Himachali film won’t cost you much. Paying to watch Saanjh Film online will be a contribution towards the development of Himachali Cinema. Being a first film from Himachal, Saanjh has already started a discussion about Himachali Cinema among many people around the world. But the question arises that why do Himachal needs a cinema?


The First Himachali Film Saanjh should be seen by all Himachali’s.

See what director Ajay Saklani say about the requirement of Cinema in Himachal Pradesh.

Whenever we talk about any language, culture or any society, in the recent time cinema and television have an incredible impact in it’s development. Every language have different dialects of it’s own and cinema, music or television have helped in creating one single language. That could be either Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri or Punjabi, cinema & music have played an important role in the development of language and spreading the culture across.

If we talk about Himachal Pradesh, we have different dialects here in the state where 70-80% of the words are same in all dialects. The accent and pitch of the sound makes it feel different. We don’t have any script adopted for the Himachali dialects because of that we lack in creating a respect for the language. It is neither written anywhere nor spoken widely. Day by day, we are loosing our language and our culture so as we are loosing our own identity. The development of Cinema & Music is very important for the state to maintain our identity and to develop the language.

Saanjh Film is not a film like other Bollywood films where romance or fight is the primary subject. Saanjh talks about the Pahari society, language and culture. The film is about the lonely parents living alone in villages while their children have migrated to cities in search of work. Saanjh talks about migration, separation and solitude. Being a producer of this film and being a producer of first Himachali film, we take it as our responsibility to take this film to all the audience in the state.

For this purpose, we have associated with Himalayan Art Foundation, an NGO working for the development of Art, Language & Culture in the state, to take Saanjh film to the people in villages. After our demo screening, we are now ready with the final project to begin the screenings as soon as the rainy season pass. We believe that all other people who are reading this post and think about the development of Himachal, should also come forward to support this project. If you can afford to watch this film online, you should do that for the sake of Himachali Cinema because when you’ll rent/buy Saanjh, that will reduce a little financial burden from our shoulders and we will be able to take this film to more and more people freely.