Each Himachali should watch Saanjh Film

Saanjh, popularly known as the first Himachali Film, should reach all Himachali people worldwide. We as a team member of Saanjh film feel that, this film must be seen by each and every Himachali community member. For that we are taking various initiatives. After nationwide release of this first Himachali Film in cinema halls, we […]


Finally Saanjh Film is released online

Saanjh Film is now available online at www.jltplex.com After a successful release in Cinema halls across India, a demand for the online release of Saanjh Film was continuously was increasing among audience worldwide. Saanjh, the first film in Himachali language has already created a fan base before the release of the film. Many people, especially […]


Trust is a rarity these days however…

Trust is a rarity these days however the world still runs because there are exceptions. In the challenging journey of Saanjh, we also met FEW exceptions who put their full trust & faith in the team and its goals. Without their timely support, Saanjh would have been even tougher project for us. Today happens to be […]

Saanjh Shooting

Completed the shoot of Saanjh Film

We would like to thank all our supporters for your great contribution for ‘SAANJH’ project. Your contribution for this project has geared up the production process. The crowd funding campaign raised a sum of Rupees 70,000 INR for this project including your valuable contribution. With your support and tremendous efforts from our team, we have […]

Saanjh Auditions

Auditions held at various cities for Saanjh Film

Auditions of film “Saanjh” has been successfully done in different cities of Himachal Pradesh. Local people who are either interested in acting or have some theater experience got a chance to show their acting skills during these auditions. The auditions were held at Shimla, Mandi, Hamirpur and Dharamshala.Hundreds of artists showcased their talent but some […]